SarahThere’s a quote from Mrs. Dalloway that speaks to me:

“…what she loved was this, here, now, in front of her…”

It speaks to the writer side of me who wants to stop and notice, take note of the small details, record them because they matter.

So that is what I’ll do here. Record the moments that matter. Write about what is in front of me.

I will use Mrs. Dalloway for a springboard. Build my writing life from Virginia Woolf’s beautiful words.

I started blogging in the summer of 2009. As a working mom who has the summers off (I’m an English teacher), I set out to give myself a project. I thought it would just be a summer thing, but it turns out writing all this down is rather cathartic. My first blog was called Toddler Summer. But since summers unfortunately end and I soon will no longer have any toddlers, here I am. Writing here. About things that matter to me – whatever they may be.

I blog  because I am a writer – and I always have been. Having the goal to set text here every night, to hope that some of it may actually be good even, fulfills me. Growing up, I typed (on my Apple 2E) long stories about children and teddy bears; I composed a family newsletter for a few years when I was in elementary school; I won money for my college essay and got to read it on the radio. I wrote creatively and analytically through undergrad and then “gave up” my first teacher summers to continue writing and earning my Master’s at The Bread Loaf School of English.  I write and I always have.

I am a teacher to my core. A teacher driven by passion and belief in the good that a well-rounded education does for the soul. I was Austin ISD Teacher of the Year in 2013 and have worked in both urban and suburban, rich and economically disadvantaged schools in my 15 years of teaching. I know that all students – whoever they are and wherever they come from – deserve education that inspires them to build their best selves.

My writing has been honored as a 2015 BlogHer Voice of the Year for this post. In 2014 I was lucky enough to be a cast member of the Austin Listen To Your Mother Show. I have also been published on The Motherlode blog from The New York Times, Huffington Post Parents, BlogHer Moms, Brain, Mother blog and Great Moments in Parenting.

You can reach me at dille.sarah at gmail.com

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