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Great Books For Kids Who Love Dinosaurs

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I haven’t written a book post in a while.  I’m not sure why, exactly, except for they take a long time to write – with all the linking and all. But they are also the ones that get read and shared the most, so…

Lately Miles has been obsessed with all books dinosaur. He doesn’t play with dinosaurs very much, but he loves to read about them. So here are his favorites – some lower level, some higher, some serious dino facts, others silly stories starring dinosaurs.


Dinosaur A-Z: For kids who really love dinosaurs! is his most favorite of favorites. It’s pretty much exactly what the title says, introducing you to a dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet. Each page includes a cute rhyming story told in first person narrative and a cool graphic showing how big the dinosaur is compared to a man. We read this almost daily.

The most sophisticated of all these books is Scholastic Discover More: Dinosaurs. We only read this one in small chunks since it is a bit more dense than the other books here. It has lots of information about many many dinosaurs. It is nicely organized and has good graphics to keep even a young kid interested.


DINOSAUR DAYS  is a simple book that Miles loves because it teaches him not so much about the dinosaurs themselves, but about the time period. What other animals lived then? How were baby dinosaurs born? What happened to the dinosaurs? His favorite page is one featuring mice eating dinosaur eggs and the other creatures that came after dinosaurs.

Creature Count: A Prehistoric Rhyme combines dinosaurs, their habitat, and counting. It is written in a fun rhyming style that mimics the “Over in the Meadow” rhyme that you may be familiar with. It covers dinosaurs along with other interesting pre-historic animals like Woolly Mammoths and Saber Tooth Tigers.


Dino-Wrestling is just one of a series of fun books about dinosaurs doing sports. The books teach about the dinosaurs a bit while also focusing on teaching you about the different aspects of the sport. The wrestling book features dinosaurs in wrestling matches of all types. You can also read about dinosaurs playing hockey, football, baseball, basketball and soccer. They also take on skateboarding.

Dinosaurs in the Supermarket! is a silly book about a kid who seees dinosaurs hiding all over the grocery store. These dinosaurs keep making a mess and the kid keeps getting blamed. Miles laughs at the story and kept this book by his side all day a few days this week. This isn’t a book to help you learn about dinosaurs, but it will certainly give your kid a laugh.

And last, but not least, is a book I think I’ve written about before. Ken said it was a book that combines everything a boy could love – dinosaurs, trucks, digging and swimming. Dinosaur Dig! is a counting book that takes you through a strange journey of dinosaurs digging. Throughout the story you don’t really have any idea why they are digging – until finally they jump into a brand new pool at the end!

There are so many awesome dinosaur books! Which ones do your kids love? I’d love to hear in the comments!


**All links are amazon affiliate links**

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