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“A Wish Is A Powerful Thing”

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I saw it online somewhere – a flash of the cover coming across my screen. It used to be one of my favorites.

Stories bring me back to places and times, to people and ideas. Stories are the anchors of my memory.

I’m not sure when I first read this one, though I’m sure it was my dad who introduced it to me. The Story of Holly and Ivy. A perfect Christmas story about wishing. A story about an ache and an emptiness. A story about wanting to be loved.

Nora and I are reading it now – it is so much longer than I remembered, pages just filled with words. We are two nights in and still only 3/4 of the way through. But the best part is that she loves it just as much as I did. As I do.

Tonight before bed she looked at me, smiling. “Holly and Ivy?” she asked, the excited lilt in her voice.

“Yes.” I said and we grabbed the book and cuddled up in my bed and read for longer than we should have. I heard her yawn, felt her sinking deeper into the pillow, kissed her head and thought about how this was my wish – to read stories with my children. To share the stories I love and hope that they anchor their memory too.

“A wish is a powerful thing,” we read.

And we both agreed. It is.

A Wish Is A Powerful Thing


What’s your favorite Christmas book? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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  • I gotta read this book! Thanks for reminding us that the gift of loving and sharing literature is one of the best gifts a parent may give a child!

  • I forgot to add my favorite Christmas book.
    Cajun Night Before Christmas. (of course)

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