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What Happened When I Wrote About Moldy Doughnuts

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My post about day-old baked goods hit a chord with people. It’s been read and shared more in the past few days than anything I’ve written in the recent past. And for that I am grateful. I’m grateful that other people share my frustration at the way teachers are undervalued by most of society.

But really, the most amazing thing about writing that post hasn’t been the readers or comments or shares. It’s been the reaction from my most important audience, my students.

I’m not secretive about the fact that I write a blog. I don’t openly promote it to my students, but I do share the fact that I am a writer, I am shaping words and stories the same way that I encourage them to. Some of them read my words. And some of them share their own in the most spectacular way.

This morning I got a text from a fellow teacher. “Did you bring baked goods today?” she asked. No. I hadn’t. “The teacher’s room is filled with real, homemade, fresh cookies and muffins,” she said.

What Happened When I wrote about moldy doughnuts

And it was. It was filled with perfect blueberry muffins and sugar cookies in huge quantities. And on the table was a note. A note from my students. A note that I couldn’t possibly love more. A note that demonstrates all at once why I do what I do and how amazing teenagers are.

Because they are.

Teenagers are awesome people.

We should say that more often – to them and to the world.

This letter? It was perfect.

student letter

I’ve blocked out the name of my school because I feel better that way. But I hope that this response to my original post gets shared and read just as widely.

This is why I teach.

Thank you, students, for your words. (And your baked goods. They were pretty awesome too.)

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