Tuesday, December 10th, 2013...9:10 pm

Same Road

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There’s a problem here. A pattern emerging that isn’t quite what I want it to be. An early early morning pattern of rising and calling. “Mom! MOM! Come get me!”

But it isn’t time yet. I’m not ready yet.

I’m tired.

And he is too.

This Road

The funny thing is, I’ve been here before. With another certain small person who also liked to wake before the clock struck 6, before my eyelids would open willingly, at early hours that call for coffee and more coffee and maybe some more coffee after that.

You’d think that being on this same road, at the same hours, not that long ago, I’d know exactly how to navigate. I’d have the path figured out. Maybe I should have left myself some more breadcrumbs along the way.

But I didn’t.

And all week I just crossed my fingers that this was a joke. An even more temporary temporary phase.

This can’t be the new normal? Right?

Until I realized that it probably is.

This morning was the earliest. 4:10. I coaxed him back to sleep for a little while, but he screamed again an hour later and I took him out of the room in fear that he’d wake Nora at that same horrible early hour.

All day I dragged. Tired even though it was Ken who got up with him this morning. Miles fell asleep on the way to school, which he never does. He’s tired too. He shouldn’t be getting up that early.

This Road

I have to fix this, I kept thinking.

And then I remembered. I found one breadcrumb that led to an idea.

I’ve been here before. And this little light? It was my helper.

Will it work again? Who knows. But we are trying it.

And crossing fingers really hard that this second time down this same early road is about to come to an end.

This Road

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  • G got an alarm clock for his 2nd bday. He seems to go in phases of really NEEDING us and doing the night waking thing. MISERY. We did it on Sunday night. I think because he was sick, but either way, MISERY. Good luck. It won’t last long. Boundaries are hard, but good. (In my mind, that is.)

  • Thanks, Amanda! It is misery. I hope it won’t last long. And I agree: boundaries are hard, but so much better for everyone in the long run.

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