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At a cheesy teacher meeting about a month ago we were asked to make a list of the four things we remembered most from high school. The first thing I jotted down on my index card was the learning experience that both taught me and terrified me the most – the revolutionary resurrection. As a sophomore I was charged with the task of “becoming” a historical revolutionary character for a fifteen minute speech – in costume and with props – and then taking questions in character. I was shy. The teacher was scary. But, man, I researched my butt off and I became Betty Friedan, wielding a girdle on a stick and calling the teacher a chauvinist when he questioned me/Betty Friedan about being a lesbian. And I learned a lot about revolution at the same time I realized I was capable of more than I had previously believed.

This morning I sat watching CBS Sunday Morning – one of my favorite news programs. Ken and Nora were off enjoying pancakes and Miles cruised around while I watched. I was taken with a story on revolution – the digital revolution that online social media is provoking all over the world. (You can watch the story here.) It’s pretty amazing, really, all that the Internet can do, all it sparks, the community it builds, the power it gives to the formerly powerless – as the news story aptly illustrated.

For a while I’ve wondered why we need so much social media. Why do we need facebook and twitter and pinterest and blogs and and and. I’ve stuck to facebook and this here blog and briefly lurked on twitter following people but never tweeting (Salman Rushdie is my favorite author on twitter, btw). But between a story on Babble Voices about a campaign to show support for JC Penney’s decision to back Ellen as their spokesperson and and the story this morning on the revolutionary power of the Internet, twitter specifically, I decided it might be time to jump in.

I want in to the power of the Internet. I want in on the revolution.

So I dressed Nora and Miles in their warm clothes (it sleeted today! In Texas!) and we headed to JC Penney. We bought cute clothes. I took photos. And I came home and made a real twitter account. And I tweeted.

All day I watched the hashtag, #jcpshopin. I watched the small revolution evolve in 140 characters or less. And I was a part of it. And, while it didn’t nearly give me the sense of accomplishment that I had that day in tenth grade when I talked back to my scary history teacher, it did make me feel a part of something important.

So I’m jumping in. We’ll see what happens.

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Modeling Her New JCP Clothes

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